We welcome all organisations to join the Pledge for Change.

We are pleased that you are joining our coalition to reimagine the role of International NGOs and create change. Together we will build a stronger aid ecosystem based on the principles of solidarity, humility, self-determination, and equality. The Pledge recognizes a changing world, and particularly one where international NGOs are increasingly working with national and local organizations worldwide to respond to crises and improve their communities. The Pledge reflects an acknowledgment of the unequal power dynamics in the development and aid sectors and the need to ensure a fairer future, and particularly the role INGOs must play in ensuring global South civil society and communities continues to grow and flourish. By becoming a Signatory to the Pledge for Change, you recognize the power that you hold to make the change we seek is accomplished and commit to the following:

  • Signatories are expected to financially support the coordination of ongoing work of the Pledge for Change Secretariat
    and the collective accountability and learning mechanism. Contributions are based on a sliding scale of individual
    organizations or federation annual income (USD).
    • Annual budget $500m and over – contributes $30k annually
    • Annual budget $200m-$499m – contributes $20k annually
    • Annual budget $199m and under – contributes $10k annually
    • Payment must be made within 60 days of signing onto the Pledge for Change.
  • Organizations with significant restrictions on their budgets and unable to make the minimum contribution can discuss
    with the Secretariat’s other financial options.

The CEO or a senior representative with organization-wide decision-making power is required to attend two annual retreats – one virtual and one in-person.

  • Participation in the Monitoring, Evaluation, Accountability, and Learning (MEAL) working group for at least two years and in any of the three working groups, the meeting cadence is established by the group (at least six times annually).
    •  Signatory organizations can identify individuals to represent their organizationsin the rest of the three working groups: Equitable Partnerships, Authentic Storytelling, and Influencing Wider Change.
    • Organizations with significant staff restrictions who are unable to delegate staff to multiple working groups can discuss and agree with the Secretariat on a feasible plan for engagement in joint learning.
  • Participate in a partner survey (Keystone, WACSI, other) exploring partner perceptions of your organizational progress on Pledge commitments by September 2024.
  • Submit annual reports using agreed metrics to Pledge Secretariat by September 2024, and voluntary participation in pilot activities (timeline and deadlines TBD).
  • Select and submit 10 examples of communications to the Expert Review Panel on Authentic Storytelling for review, date to be confirmed.
  • Engage with Global Advisory Group in an annual curated review conversation once reports, surveys, and comms analysis are completed.

By signing onto the Pledge for Change, you join a coalition of bold and ambitious organizations and leaders and help us to make this initiative a reality. Thank you!